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Joining and Skiing as an Associate Member

We offer some of our camps and training sessions to Associate Members.  This is a great, cost-effective route to becoming a full member of the PSR Race Team for those eligible.

We also run regular Beat-The-Hill race sessions*. These are non-coached, race sessions for competent skiers to take part in a National Slalom Awards race.

You must be a competent and independent skier with a desire to race before you can join a PSR (Pontypool Ski Racing) training session. If you don't have this level yet, the ski centre at Pontypool is a great place to book lessons and improve your level.

If you are already a competent and independent skier, you can contact us here and request to join PSR as an Associate Member. After contacting us, the following happens:

  1. Access to the website - Those who meet our criteria (primarily some evidence you are a competent, independent skier) will be emailed a link to signup to the website.  You can use an email address, Google account, or Facebook account to sign up to access the website.

  2. Purchase an Associate Membership - Once we have received and approved your website sign-up we will ask you to complete an Associate Membership form and purchase an Associate Membership through the website.

  3. Once you have joined as an Associate Member we will give you access to the Associate Member Area on the website and you will be able to book training offered to Associate Members

*Athletes must hold full or associate membership for PSR in order to take part.

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