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Access to the Website

Casual visitors to our website can see information about Pontypool Ski Racing and how to get involved but cannot book any training.

Associate Members can see the Associate Member Area.

Full Members can see the Race Team Area of the website.

To join PSR as an Associate Member:

  1. Contact PSR by email, or over Social Media and request to join

  2. Those who meet our criteria will receive a link to signup to the website using an email address, Google account, or Facebook account

  3. Once we have received and approved your website sign-up we will ask you to complete an Associate Membership form and purchase an Associate Membership through the website.

  4. Once you have joined as an Associate Member we will give you access to the Associate Member Area on the website and you will be able to book training offered to Associate Members

Full Members and parents/guardians of full members can use the form here if they do not have the required access to the website.

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